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Saints do it again, 11-0!

After a week of media and sports analyst going back and forth on this weeks match up, New Orleans hosting New England, New Orleans rolls through with no problem bringing their record to a perfect 11-0 on the season. Drew Brees played a perfect game, throwing 5 touchdowns and 0 Interceptions. (The only semi-negative thing about that was my opponent in my fantasy league started Brees and the cost me a lost.) Following this seasons routine, Brees’ 5 touchdown completions were to 5 different receivers. The saints have weapons across the field and truly exploit them all! After re-signing only a week ago, Mike McKenzie made his return in the Saints secondary and played an amazing game which included a momentum changing interception! Next weeks opponent is the Washington Redskin, who currently hold a losing record.
Can New Orleans be stopped? Can this be the first undefeated season in Franchise history? How will we hold up in the post season? These are the questions everyone is beginning to ask. But the same simple answer remains from all saints fans… WHO DAT!!!!!


2 Responses to “Saints do it again, 11-0!”

  1. Congrats! They are indeed for real!

  2. Who-Dat! Black & Gold Super Bowl! ! ! ! Whoo-Hoo! And I totally agree with you that Drew Brees and Reggie Bush are both HOTT!!!!

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