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Back to a Sense of Normalcy

I finally was able to go play some basketball tonight. I usually play every Wednesday night, but since my decision to pursue my MBA, I had to study for my GMAT. Now that my intense studying is completed, I can be back to some type of routine. It sure felt good to run, but I must admit I have the task of getting back in some type of shape ahead of me. It’s funny how you can be active for an extensive period of time and as soon as you take a couple months off it’s all gone. I suppose it’s the same concept with gaining and losing weight. Being a person with a slower metabolism, I have to really try to lose some weight and not slack up. And as soon as I do it’s all back. Oh well, that’s how it goes, but that’s okay because now I can get back on track! Well, you all have a great day. Feel free to leave me a comment about anything!



One Response to “Back to a Sense of Normalcy”

  1. Bobby,

    That is totally awesome that you are going to attend grad school after graduation! I’m super happy for you! Im debating on whether or not to go to a technical college for something lilke “Project Mgmg” to go along w/ my Batch. Degree in mgmt or apply to grad school! If I do decide on Grad school, maybe you could give me some helpful hits on how to beast the GMAT! =)

    Im sure your metabolism will pick back up! My weight goes up and down a few pounds every-so-often!

    Well….. Your blog looks GREAT and is very interesting! Keep up the good work!

    ~Ashley~ =)

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