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Hello world!

Time to blog! 🙂


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hello World,
    My name is Bobby Fruge. I’m a business management major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I plan to graduate on December 19, 2009. I’m super excited to complete my undergraduate studies but it does not truly feel as is I am about to graduate because I plan to begin pursuing my MBA starting in January, 2010.
    I’m 22 years or age and you can wish me happy birthday on August 19th. I enjoy watching and playing sports, meeting people, and learning random things.
    I’m excited about UL Lafayette’s homecoming game this weekend against FAU – GO CAJUNS! While on the subject about football, how about the New Orleans Saints!! All the way!!!!
    I look forward to posting more blogs in the future. I hope I can get involved and meet many new people. Tell me who you all think will win the super bowl! I may be slightly biased, but I’m pulling for the home town – GO SAINTS!!! What do you think?


  2. Hey Bobby!
    Love the blog! Im def. agreeing with you that the Saints are going to dominate the super bowl!

    ~Ash =)

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